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In-roof solar system for mid-terrace house in Bernards Heath, St Albans

Customer wanted to install as many solar panels on the South-East facing main and porch roof areas. The house is occupied during the day but wanted a battery to maximise self-consumption of the energy generated.

🏠 Mid terrace house with the original slate roof from the 1930s. Attic and porch suggested as best locations for the inverter and battery.

🏠🔝 An in-roof mounting system by GSE Innovations was chosen due to the age of the tiles and lack of roofing felt. The original slate and battens were removed before roofing felt and new battens were added. The in-roof system meant the customer wouldn’t need to buy replacement slate tiles or additional pigeon protection as the tiles would sit in the roof.

☀️ ⬛ We squeezed in 8 x Jinko Solar 410Wp (3.28kWp) panels into the roof, but the porch roof was too small to justify putting any panels on. Due to some afternoon shading from the chimney on the top row of panels, we used both of inverter MPPTs so to minimize the impact of shading on the whole array.

⚡ A Goodwe ES G2 (3.68kW) inverter was installed in the porch with the IP65 rated Goodwe Lynx Home U (5.4kWh) battery mounted on the outer wall, both to avoid taking up space and regs not allowing batteries to be installed at fire escape routes.

✅ ✅ ✅ Customer used the MCS certificate to switch to an import and export tariff allowing for the battery to be topped up during off-peak times over the Winter months and to sell energy back to the grid at peak times during sunnier months to maximise their savings.

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