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Fists in Solidarity

The increasing interest in residential solar systems throws up a lot of challenges, including difficulties in finding someone to speak to, shortages of solar components and longer than expected timelines for getting systems installed. People are also working to different timelines and our approach is as follows


  1. Initial Meeting and Budgetary Pricing

We endeavor to meet with you at the location as soon as possible in order to get baseline information on what you are looking to achieve and identify any limiting factors that will influence the size of the system. With this information, we can provide a price range of what our recommended system will cost and leave you with a list of considerations and information we will need to provide for the next step.


  1. Submission of further information

In order to provide a fully detailed quote to help you to make a decision, we require further information including your energy usage and other system considerations raised in Step 1. 


  1. Detailed Pricing

We would take all of the information provided in Step 2 in order to provide you with a detailed quote that will be valid for 30 days, which will include the following XXXX . This will be confirming what has been discussed already, giving detailed pricing based on our recommendations and an indication of the energy savings that can be expected. If it won’t be possible to approve/reject the quote within 30 days, it could be better to go to this step due to changes in product availability and pricing. 

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