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Fists in Solidarity

SOL POWER is an MCS registered installer of solar systems that serves households and businesses in the South Hertfordshire area. More and more people are turning to solar in order to reduce electricity bills and lower their carbon footprint, with many new technologies coming onto the market to meet this record-breaking demand. The up-front investment cost remains a barrier to many individuals and while lower quality equipment is an easy fix, our preference is to deliver well-installed systems with long warranties that will give the best longer-term payback. 


Our aim is to be your local solar expert partner who not only takes the time to understand your longer-term energy needs and installs the most suitable system, but will also be on hand post-installation to ensure that you are optimally managing your system to achieve the fastest possible payback.


We achieve this through:


True Product Choice

We invest heavily in product training and our wide set of accreditation in multiple vendor solutions ensures that we can propose the best fit technology based on our findings from our initial visit. We are certified installers of top tier power electronics and battery companies including Tesla, SolarEdge, GivEnergy, ENPHASE, GoodWe, BYD, myenergi and EcoFlow. This means we are in a position to suggest the best fit product and explain why we feel this is the case. 


Whole Lifetime Focus

With modern solar systems expected to last for 20 years and the push for achieving net zero promising to cause massive disruption in transportation, heating and powering our homes, it is critical to protect your solar investment by designing it with the future in mind. 



All solar equipment sold in the UK needs to have passed strict UK quality assurance regulations before they can be installed in homes or businesses. When accidents do occur, the leading cause of these is due to installation errors. We only allow certified electricians to touch AC and DC (including PV panel cabling) circuits on our installations. From a design perspective, we minimise the potential points of failure like DC connectors and as a rule do not install equipment in loft spaces. 


A True Local Partner

We are based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire and are only serving customers in the surrounding area. Our installations come with a 2 year workmanship warranty (as any problems from installation should appear within this period), but we foster a long-term relationship with our customers that includes keeping an eye on their system through monitoring platforms and notify them of any relevant developments that help to shorten the overall payback of their system.


Enabling your Own Private Virtual Power Plant

Apart from enabling solar system owners to consume more of their generated electricity, those with attached battery systems are able to take advantage of programs to further increase their savings. These include time of use tariffs where batteries can be charged at off-peak rate times for later use as well as new initiatives like the Demand Flexibility Service (DFS). Small scale energy systems will play an increasingly important role in the UK energy mix, with new government and utility initiatives expected in the future.

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