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The solar industry has seen remarkable growth in the last 5 years with many new technologies, manufacturers and initiatives coming onto the market. The number of solar installations in 2023 reached levels not seen since the end of the Feed-In Tariff, this despite the limited incentives on offer to those investing in solar. 


SOL POWER works with households with existing installed solar to help them to understand the options available to them should they be looking to make changes to their systems


Our services include:


Feed-In Tariff (FIT)  friendly changes to installations

Residential solar panels today are twice as big as panels were back in 2015 when the FIT was greatly reduced. The majority of installations today also include batteries in order to maximise self-consumption of electricity generated. SOL POWER can advise on changes that can be made that won’t will not endanger your FIT.


Health Checks as part of Ongoing Maintenance or Orphaned Systems

For homeowners who have bought a property that has solar panels but would like the system to be looked over for peace of mind and to better understand what they have. Our MCS recommended checks include visual inspection of the solar panel array and power electronics, DC and AC readings (resistance, current, voltage, earth leakage), cabling, connectors and isolators, ventilation, safety procedures, equipment fixings, ventilation and labelling. 


Increasing solar panel capacity or adding new technologies to the existing system

For system owners wanting to make improvements to their existing installation we can advise on options available for increasing your generation and self-consumption. This includes adding more panels to an existing inverter or installing a separate array to a new inverter, adding battery storage, EV charging points or energy diverters. 


Installations in 2023 reached near record highs that harked back to the days of the Feed-In Tariff (FIT), when generous government incentives led to large numbers of homeowners going solar. The vast majority of systems included solar panels (180-250Wp) connected to a PV string inverter which would convert the DC power to AC for it to either be used directly in the home or exported to the grid. FIT contracts ranged between 20 and 25 years and the generous quarterly payments for generation and export

Upgrades & Retrofits

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