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Electric Car Charger

Charging your EV from house electricity supply is by far the cheapest way to power your car and the vast majority of home chargers require a dedicated AC circuit connection from the house consumer unit. The charger delivers AC current to the EV, which uses its on board charging (OBC) system to convert the AC to DC to charge the battery.


As most houses in the UK are single phase then you will normally be looking at a 7kW inverter, which is able to charge your empty battery to full in between 4 - 6 hours. Those homes on a 3 phase supply can install a 22 kW EV charger, which is able to charge a battery to full in only 1-2 hours. 


SOL POWER are experienced installers of myenergi Zappi, Tesla, Rolec, Ohme and Pod Point home chargers, but most AC chargers on the market are very similar from an installation standpoint. While DC chargers are still rare due to their high cost, more EV homeowners are looking at options for charging their EV for free using their solar panels. Furthermore, due to the battery sizes in cars being considerably larger than most solar batteries installed at home, this offers a big opportunity for using the car battery for powering the home. This vehicle-to-home (V2H) technology is still in it’s early stages but there are already V2H or V2G (vehicle-to-grid) compatible electric vehicles on the market.

EV Home Charging 

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