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Tailor-made solar solutions for your home and business

SOL POWER is a Hertfordshire based solar equipment supplier and installer that helps our customers reduce their electricity bills and reliance on grid electricity. The falling cost of solar equipment, zero-VAT on installations and high levels of innovation has meant that now is the perfect time to “go solar”.

Our Services

The solar market has seen unprecedented growth in the last few years, with high levels of innovation leading to the key differences between manufacturer offerings. We invest our time and resources in researching and training up on the latest products in the market in order to advise our customers on the best fit for their current and future needs. This, together with us being a local independent installer, gives our customers the peace of mind that their installation, which should last up to 20 years, is in good hands.

New Solar PV & Battery Storage Systems

  • Thorough analysis of home energy needs

  • Focus on maximum energy production
  • Best fit solution for payback and lifespan

Existing System Upgrades & Battery Retrofits

  • Changes mindful of Feed-In Tariff (FIT) obligations

  • Checking of orphaned or inherited systems

  • Adding solar capacity or battery storage

EV Charging Point Installations

  • Single or Three phase charging

  • Integration with solar generation

  • Time of use tariff integration

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Our latest installation

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